17 Jun

The Minister of Forestry has issued the implementation regulations for the provisions of Article 51 paragraph 6 of Government Regulation No. 76/2008 regarding Forest Rehabilitation and Reclamation, as packaged under Minister of Forestry Regulation No.P4/Menhut-II/2011 concerning Forest Reclamation Guidelines (“Regulation P4/2011“).

Pursuant to Article 2 of Regulation P4/2011 stated that in conducting reclamation following principles shall be remarks (i) that the reclamation activities and mining activities are inter-related and must be treated as one holistic activity (ii) the reclamation activities shall be carried out as soon as possible before the completion of the mining activities.

The topics covered by the guidelines are (a) location inventory; (b) location designation; (c) reclamation planning; (d) reclamation implementation; (e) organization; (f)  supervision and technical guidance; (g) mechanism for the implementation reports; and (h) sanctions; each of which discussed in great details.

In brief, use and borrow forestry license holders are required to prepare a 5-year reclamation plan that is further carryout into annual plans. The annual plan must specify among others the reclamation activities (such as land arrangement, refilling of ex-mining holes, erosion control and sedimentation, re-vegetation), schedule and budget, and must include an Annual Reclamation Plan Map of a minimum scale of 1:10.000. The reclamation activities must have been completed at the latest one year before the expiration of the forest utilization permit.

The violence of this regulation shall be imposed by sanctions regulated under Articles 79 and 80.

This regulation P4/2011 revokes and repeal Minister of Forestry and Plantation’s Regulation No. 146/Kpts-II/1999 concerning Reclamation Guidelines for Ex-Mining Sites in Forest Areas.

This regulation is effective on 18 January 2011.


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