GREEN INDUSTRY AWARD PROGRAM – Penghargaan Industri Hijau

07 Jun

On 7 January 2011, Minister of Industry has been issue Minister of Industry Regulation No. 05/M-IND/PER/1/2011 on Green Industry Award Program (“Regulation“) to encourage the industries to create a green industry that is environmentally friendly, uses natural resources efficiently, and is people oriented.

Pursuant to Article 1 paragraph 2, Green Industry is defined as an environmentally friendly industry that synchronizes its development with environmental sustainability. It also prioritizes the efficient and effective use of natural resources. Under Article 3 Paragraph 1, the award will be given after a selection and assessment process. Additionally, pursuant to Article 3 paragraph 3, the industries will be grouped into three categories: big industry (private), state-owned enterprise company, and small and medium industry.

The examination process of green industry, pursuant to Article 4 paragraph 1, will evaluate several criteria, including:

  1. Clean production implementation, that incorporates the reuse, recycle, and reduce process;
  2. Compliance with environmental obligations;
  3. Management of solid, liquid, and gas waste;
  4. Programs to support the surrounding community.

Article 5 states that the selection and assessment will be conducted by a Technical Team, which will report the results to the consideration board. The technical team and consideration board will be appointed by the Ministry of Industry.

Pursuant to Article 6, the award will be given annually. Furthermore, the cost of the award program will be allocated to the budget of the Business Climate and Industrial Quality Policy Study Agency (Badan Pengkajian Kebijakan Iklim Usaha dan Mutu Industri).


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