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Building construction permit (IMB) is local government license that granted to the applicant that intends to carry out building construction (new construction, rehabilitation/renovation, or restoring in the framework of building conservation in accordance with administrative technical and requirements).

This brief explanation is made pursuant to Minister of Home Affair of Republic of Indonesia No. 32 of 2010 on Guidance to Issue Building Construction Permit (“MR No.32/2010“). Pursuant to article 6 of MR No.32/2010 the procedures and requirements to obtain building construction permit are as follow:

  1. Applicant submit IMB application to regent/major;
  2. Application shall be completed with following administrative documents requirement:
    1. copy of land certificate of right to manage the land;
    2. land conditions/situation (location and topography);
    3. building ownership data/information;
    4. statement letter that comprise information that such land not in the dispute status;
    5. notification of land and building tax due;
    6. environment license (if any)
  3. Technical requirements
    1. building architecture plan;
    2. system structure plan;
    3. utility system plan;
    4. structure calculation and/or building landscape completed with land examination report for building having 2 (two) floors or more;
    5. utility calculation for building and
    6. service plan data.
  4. Administrative examination (administrative and technical requirements examination), after the requirements has been completed by the applicant, regent/major will determine the IMB retribution, this examination and retribution calculation shall be finished in the maximum period 7 (seven) working days. For buildings have complexity, need special management and may harm the society or environment can be granted in the period 14 (fourteen) working days.
  5. After the retribution has been decided, the applicant shall pay to the regional treasury and deliver the receipt to the regent/mayor.
  6. maximum 7 (seven) working days after the IMB retribution receipt has been deliver by the applicant, the regent/mayor shall issued IMB.

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