Company Registration Certificate (Tanda Daftar Perusahaan).

27 May

This memorandum is made pursuant to Minister of Trade Regulation No. 9 of 2007 on Implementation of Company Registration (“Permen No. 9/2007”).

Company Registration certificate or further called as TDP (Tanda Daftar Perusahaan), is a certificate of authorization presented by office company registration to the applicant/company that has been registered. This registration is obligated for company, cooperation, firm (Commanditaire Vennootschap – CV or Firma), person and others business entity including foreign company with status of head office, single office, auxiliary office, subsidiary company, agent, and representative office that carry out business in Indonesia shall be registered in company registration. Registration obligation shall be conducted by the company in the maximum 3 (three) months after theirs running its business (“Company Registration“). Company Registration obligation is excluded for company in the form of (i) government agency company (Perjan), (ii) small scale individual company, and (iii) entity having purposes and objectives non-economic (article 4 Permen No. 9/2007).

The application of Company Registration is submitted to regent/city/major company registration office where the company has its domicile, this registration also can be made on trade services office or one stop integration services officer.

The application shall be comprise of following requirement:

  1. The applicant shall complete the form of registration;
  2. Copy of company deed of establishment;
  3. Copy of deed of establishment amendment (if any);
  4. Original and copy approval from minister of Law and Human Right regarding the establishment of the company;
  5. Copy of director identify card/passport;
  6. Copy of tax payer identification number.

The head of office registration service shall issued a company registration certificate after 3 (there) days after the completed application has been submitted by the applicant. Company registration certificate valid for period 5 (five) years and should be extended before 3 (there) moths before its certificate expired.

In the event of there are any amendment in company that has been granted company registration certificate (i) transfer ownership or directors, (ii) company name, (iii) form and/or status of company, (iv) address, (v) main business, (vi) article of association. The registered company shall submit a company registration certificate amendment application. Exclude from above amendments, the company only obligated to report the amendments to registration office.





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